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the Anti-twitter

the Anti-twitter
I met the Anti-twitter
Its being came from the sun and sky,
And, powerless, I'm asking why
That I should even try
To cease remaining bitter.
I met the Anti-twitter.





We are here to annihilate the elimination of persons.


scrambled eggs



A tower constructed of tinsel and glitz
Sits in the posh uptown.
And folks gather round
Hoping they’ve found
A magic connection to some semblance of wealth.
While others sit at a counter downtown
As waffle house cooks process orders astound them
With scrambled and grits and
Maybe hash browns.
Knowing they’ve found the true secrets of health.

the happening

same ol'

Same ol,' same ol'
Digging this enormous hole
Wonder why it's taken toll
Same ol,' same ol'
Same ol,' same ol'
Wonder if we'll find our soul
Dig and dig the biggest hole
Same ol,' same ol,' same ol.'






Perhaps one of our corporate goals in life should be to disarm stupid people.

Perhaps this statement is stupid and disarming.



what if?




What if some of the work hours used to control the growth of grass and shrubs was used to address some real issues?


The slaves of the NCAA




The slaves of the NCAA had a banner year.
They got fattened up on lavish training tables.
They performed beautifully.
And their owners waddled to the banks with billions in gambling receipts.
Hail to gladiators 2019.

on schedule




It occurred to me that drivers of vehicles are moving towards their death.
It matters not if they drive fast or slow, erratic or smooth.
They will arrive at their destination on schedule.



dearest prince

dearest prince
Dearest Prince –
Since you feel
You can kill at will
And dismember those who fail to kneel,
We will mince no words,
And we will kill with pen.
Your mouth is full of turds.
Your lineage absurd.
Free flying birds
                    will shit on your head.
In your slime and scum,
The dead will drag you down,
Where you will drown in flatulent opulence.
What you have done makes no sense.
Hence, with every breath
You will die a death of
Disgrace and dishonor
To your heritage.
You will feel the widening wedge:
Slave; free; lunacy.
And should you see
Some sense of remorse -
Of course
          you must kneel
                              and beg
                                   for forgiveness.


Some "Fresh Thoughts" may be offensive to you.
Some of the writings are an answer to internal disappointment, disgust and concern. These thoughts can come out in harsh terms.
If you are feint of heart, you can move on to other "softer' sections of this website. If you continue to read here, you do so at your own risk.
John Dull

bongling bits



All futures, pasts - infinity
Minutest mini specks are we
Bonging bits of energy
Immersed inside a mystery
Trapped in time and memory.
I pray, my friends, that we jump free
To be the beings who can see
Through windows of eternity.


when the buildings fell




Where are you
When the buildings fell?
The rising storm - the searing hell
Structures proud disintegrate
In puffs of dust and livid hate
Photo ops commemorate
Emblazen in our minds the date

tick tock (or "the last question")

TICK-TOCK (or "The Last Question")
Tick-tock goes the clock
Tick-Tock Tick Tock
What have you done?
Goes the clock Tick Tock
Tick Tock Knock Knock
Goes the clock Tick Tock
Where have you been?
Goes the clock knock knock
Knock knock goes the clock
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Who have you loved?
Knock knock Tick Tock
Goes the clock tick tock
Knock knock knock knock
Who have you been?

breaking point

Do you have a breaking point?
Joints dis-joint?
Miseries surround - crashing down?
In pools where you will drown
Colors round -  brown
Perception in the gripping frown
Colors round - brown
Do you have a breaking point
Joints dis-joint?

bad hombres


BAD HOMBRES (or "White Men With Guns")

Run! Run! Run!
White men with guns!
Las Vegas, Charleston, Pittsburgh too;
Muslim, Catholic, Black or Jew,
Run! Run! Run!
White men with guns!



mind controll





When outside forces controll the meaning of a symbol to you, you are experiencing mind control.


The Perfect Model



Servant wifey
Hubby whistles
Bidden to her master goes
A perfect model
Brainless action
Shining on her daughter glows.
While underneath
An anger simmers
In nodes and veins a hatred flows.
Servant wifey
Hubby whistles
Bidden to her master goes.


Players who felt the need could kneel during the anthem and say a prayer for their country.
Would that be protected by the right to freedom of religious expression?




Molestation of the environment
is the molestation of our children.

the battle of the ants






Henry's concentration
Focused on ants ---
How unseen powers
Regulate the consciousness.
The same unseen
As one scurries to accomplish
That to which one is called.


Which is more important:
to kneel for your god
to stand for a flag?

whites only!



Some folks are good at manipulating whites.






There has been a significant infestation in a white house near here.


the big hurrah

And the peons peed a big hurrah
Unaware that they’d been duped -
The wrath of riches trickling down
Upon the graph where they are grouped.
Fattish pigs would eat their flesh
And dribble drops of human soup
And the peons peed a big hurrah
Unaware that they’d been duped.


The black athlete
Explodes in dignity, individuality and freedom.
The white political figure
Becomes enraged.

to president bone spur


Dear President Bone Spur:

Perhaps some fans will have the fortitude to kneel during the anthem giving voice to the courage that you lacked.
Signed -
A Loyal Fan






Some of us are experts at creating future terrorists.

Little Weasles

Little weasles underground
Making a gigantic sound
Scurry, scurry round and round
Shake foundations - pound, pound, pound
Little weasles underground
Making a gigantic sound.


Thoughts juxtaposed - science won. ---
The earth revolves around the sun.
Logic clarifies the seeing.
A rat's lifecycle begins
When the DNA footprint
Comes into being.

spineless figures

Spineless figures
Bowing low...
Offering wifey’s pussy
In homage to the sovereign.
A flaccid cower for hollow power…
"Just locker room talk."



A bird needs a right wing and a left wing to fly.

So does a mind.




Stay away from me...
I am cursed.
I'm searching for the universe.
As I mature, it's worse and worse.
Sometimes my skin could almost burst.
I'm searching for the universe.



Photo above by Richard Koppel - 1985

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lego spirits

The lego spirits threw down some blocks
And clicked them into a nice tall box..
Then two, and three and even four
And over decades - thousands more.
In somber session, they deemed it "pretty."
And bade we name it New York City. 

the new congress


It is our hope that within 20 years Congress will be replaced by robots.

                                            -  Anne and Harry Schnickelbogger






Are you a clumper?

 Do you dump others into categories

Without hearing their stories?

Do you analyze, stigmatize, criticize, ostracize?


Or do you pierce with penetrating eyes? -

To see beyond the mundane lies? -

Unveiling there our thin disguise

As often do the wise, so few?


Tell you what I’m going to do.

I’m going to dump you into a category

without hearing your story.


 We are the clumpers.




some semites

Jesus was a Semite
Mohammed was a Semite too
Abraham's a Semite
What's that mean for me and you?

hot air

Hot air
Hot air
Hot air
Over here
Over there
Hot air
Just stare.

After consultation with our Generals


"After consultation with our Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow orange haired, tiny handed, sociopathic individuals, with bone spurs and illegal ties to the Russian state, to serve in any capacity in the U.S. government. Our government must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous mental costs and disruption that these people in the government would inflict. Thank you.

---- Harry and Anne Schnickelbogger

"just war theory"

The human animal has forever sought the imprimatur of society to justify certain behaviors.
In this regard, The Catholic Church's "Just War Theory" and the U.S. Supreme Court's "Roe v Wade" decision, fall into the same category.
                                              - Anne and Harry Schnickelbogger

that which we most feared





The following shocking developments quaked the world last night
1/  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2/  bbb
3/  ccccccc
4/  dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
5/  eeeeeeeeeeeeee
6/  ffff and the Lusitania sank
7/  ggggggggggggggg

a planted seed


A planted seed

Unbridled greed

Peasants follow

Mindless lead


Discarding all the "hapless slobs"

Robots now replace their jobs

Sobs and disbelieving throbs

The conscienceless now dial the knobs.



"the first 100 days"


What about the "first 100 days?"

What about the next 20 years?



In the Cabinet

Manipulating media, a manufacturer promised a great product.
We bought it.
It seemed as if it was working for awhile.
Then we put it in the cabinet.
Our children were exposed to it and died an excruciatingly painful death.
Beware, oh young ones, of the lies on the labels.
Rise up, revolt and refuse to consume......




This candy is unreal!
Might kinda make you feel
Fuzzy, warm.... And here's the deal!
Underneath the coating, peel.
See, there, the secrets sealed.
The rottenness revealed.
Yield, oh peasant, yield.
Reality's been dealed.

the highest IQ

Three Legged Frogs


Three Legged Frogs

A wise old mechanic once told us that when you start to hear a strange noise in a car you need to be extra vigilant. A noise will continue to get worse 99.9% of the time. It will never cure itself.
Scientists are finding an upsurge of male fish in Pennsylvania and Ohio that are oddly producing eggs – this intersex mutation is most probably caused by chemical pollutants.
In several places in the world, 3 legged frogs are increasing in number by sixfold – most probably due to chemical pollutants.
The only advantage here is that, in several years, track will be a much more exciting spectator sport because of the increase in three legged runners.

the moth




At some point in a moth's lifecycle, it is a caterpillar.

At some point in a 50 year old human's lifecycle, it is a 25 year old.



pootey's poo poo



Pootey's puppet rah rah rah

Infantile go ga ga ga

Tweety tweety blah blah blah

Pootey's poo poo  la la la

Pootey's poo poo la la la

Infantile go ga ga ga

Tweety tweety blah blah blah

Pootey's puppet rah rah rah



for atheists and monotheistic believers


Now that neuroscientists have discovered some of the brain mechanisms that are involved with transcendent thinking, have they simply uncovered an anomaly in the evolution of the neo-cortex?

Or does the god who uses the functions of the vaginal canal to deliver prophets to you, use the functions of the brain to deliver prophetic thoughts to you?




the deportation


If they are deporting criminals, they should look at a fellow in a white house near here.



guess who?


Guess who?

1/  He pee-peed in his pants, so his daddy got him out of the draft.
2/  He just put a notch in his belt for the first soldier eliminated under his auspices.
Who is it?

smart people

Out of the over 7 billion people on earth, there are approximately 1243 that become part of our media sound bites.
And we listen to them to form a world view.
This makes several of these 1243 think that they are really smart.
It may be worth one’s while to comb through the thought processes of some of the other 7 billion; to search for REALLY smart people; to digest their communications; to incorporate that information into personal experience; and after allowing it to affect the thinking process - to make a stab at formulating a sensible world view.
                           ---Harry and Anne Schnickelbogger

the ewection

A throng of dickless men
Got mounted by a sociopath
Who desires to ride them
To glory.
(toned down version due to numerous complaints)
A throng of mindless men
Got manipulated by a sociopath

just locker room talk



MP -

If DT was to grab your wife's or your daughter's p _ _ _ y, would you still keep licking DT's a_ _ h_ _ _ day and night?



It's nothing folks!

Just "locker room talk" ...



who's first?



Which comes first:

Whites' rights?

Blacks' rights?

Men's rights?

Women's rights?

Human rights?




Some rhetoric by gas-filled fartheads puts soldiers in other places at great risk.

the plastic tax


A tax could be levied on all plastic items - commensurate with the cost of their future impact on the environment and the cost of future clean-up.



the religious right and left


1/ Our understanding is that the religious right holds that life begins at conception.

2/ Our understanding is that the religious left holds that we cannot know when life enters a fetus.

3/ Our understanding is that the scientific community holds that an individual mammal's lifecycle begins when the individual mammal's DNA footprint comes into being.


the beheading

If a drone attack was filmed in extreme slow motion, and we could later view someone's head being blown off on a re-play of the film, who would the beheading be credited to? - to all the organizers of the attack? To a particular button pusher?
Question: Do the majority of folks in every culture lack the insight and/or the courage to be self directed; self motivated and peaceful?

3 great freedoms

There are 3 great freedoms that are guaranteed to Americans by their constitution:
1/ The freedom to vote
2/ The freedom to own one's own business
3/ The freedom for someone to say or write just about anything they want to
"Two out of 3 ain't bad."
-- Anne and Harry Schnickelbogger


the race


 the current presidential race has remarkable entertainment value




What is success?
Buffett advised not to judge yourself and your
performance by what other people think.
--- The Business Insider
Was Robin Williams successful?
"To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded." Bessie Anderson Stanley
Was Jackie Robinson successful?
Warren Buffet: "The saying goes that success
is about getting what you want, while happiness is about wanting
what you get"
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. Albert Einstein
Read more at:
Was Mahatma Gandhi successful?
"If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded." Maya Angelou
Was Margaret Thatcher successful?
Was Joe DiMaggio successful?
Warren Buffet: "For myself, happiness is
more important."(than success)
Was Teresa of Calcutta successful?
Teresa of Calcutta: “God doesn’t call you to
be successful. God calls you to be faithful.”
"From success you get a lot of things, but not that great inside thing that love brings you." Samuel Goldwyn
Was Marilyn Monroe successful?
Was Ronald Reagan successful?
Earl Nightingale: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy
Was Martin Luther King successful?
What are the standards of success?
What are your standards of success?
What is my standard of success?
Was Jesus Christ successful?
Teresa of Calcutta: “The success of love is in the loving—it is not in the
result of loving.”
Was Napoleon Bonaparte successful?
Is there anything that benchmarks true success?
Are you successful?
Am I successful?
Are we successful?
Was Bernie Madoff successful?
Do you feel successful?
Is success measured by others?
Do I feel successful?
Do we feel successful?
What is success?
What are the benchmarks that we use to measure success in life?
"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." Albert Einstein
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. Albert Einstein
Read more at:
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. Albert Einstein
Read more at:

on the terror events


Inconsequentially providing shock and awe to some folks -



good people and shitheads


In this entire universe there are only two types of people: good people and shitheads.

These two categories supersede all our other categories, whether those categories be race, creed, national origin, political bent, gender, sexual orientation, religion, profession, etc.

This essay will attempt to shed light on this topic, the truth of which we probably all know instinctually. Our subconscious mind preaches this truth to us throughout our lives. It becomes evident when we see little children cozy up to certain individuals without parameters of prejudice or long years of life experience and taught categorization.

Shades of gray confuse the subject: all of us are neither completely good, nor are any of us complete shitheads. There is, however, a spectrum that we can overlay on this discussion that may help us to communicate about it. We all know our saints, 10's on the spectrum. Zeroes on the spectrum have been vilified throughout history.

Some definitions, in addition, can serve the platform for dialogue.
Here goes:
A shithead is someone who defines you through their personal agenda. They fail to see who you are as a person.
A good person, on the other hand, sees you for who you truly are, with all your needs, wants and humanness.
A good person's communication with you is sincere and relevant to whom you really are. A shithead's communication with you is an attempt to manipulate you into being someone that fulfills that shithead's needs and wants. Vastly oversimplified, these definitions serve the purpose of widening the discussion.

As the world gets smaller, this topic will take on more relevance. We will start to realize that in wars, debates, categories, philosophical differences, etc. we are often pitting the good against the good, protecting the shitheads of the world with mass definitions of agenda.

We will also realize that love between two good people is of a spiritual nature and that sexual communication between good people is on a different plane. When this is understood, our sexual nature will drive us into an exploration of the topic of goodness.

When we understand that a love experience between 2 good people is on a different plane than a strictly physical experience, we will all want to become truly good people: it has its earthly rewards.

This whole topic will be defined neurologically at some point in the future. The naysayers will realize that there is tangible evidence of this supposition, and this will change our world significantly.

(This essay was written by a shithead.)



The monster inside

Many of us have personal friends who committed unspeakable attrocities to other humans during times of war.
Why would we be so upset to see a human beheaded on you-tube?
Inside each one of us is a monster.
To release that monster in the name of a God, is a disgrace and insult to the God of the universe.
The prophets agree.

a lay person's questions while looking at the universe



Physicists are saying that everything we are experiencing was contained in and derived from a minute singularity at the beginning of time. The big bang.

Does that mean that planets revolving around suns were contained in the singularity?

Does that mean that a volcano and a tree were contained in the singularity?
Does that mean that consciousness was contained in the singularity?

Heavens to Betsy!




If the Isis faction of Islam represents Islamic terrorism
Does the Ku Klux Clan represent Christian terrorism?
do certain factions of Zionist Judaic tradition represent Judaic terrorism?
Etc., etc
We are all terrorists, and we need look no further than Dachau, Abu Grebe, Guantanamo, Mai Lai, the Crusades,witchburning or the inquisition.
Psychological experiments have shown that many of us are prone to inflict pain on others at the behest of our superiors.
Are there human traits that rise above these models? –
And, if so, where are the individuals that are guided by such principles?
Are you one of them?




You and I, just as much as anybody else, have the right to live and be free as soon as our lifecycle begins.

If some dictators try to tell us, or teach us, that this is not the case, we have the right to set them straight.

                                     - Anne and Harry Schnickelbogger


Everything is new.
All the things that you've been through,
Everything you plan to do
Is in your imagination.
Station in life -
A creation of mind.
What's behind is behind.
What's to be will be.
All physicists will quite agree;
Consciousness eternally.





The Finger and Defarge

The Finger and Defarge
There is a finger rising on the skyline.
Is it yours or mine,
Or some rubber ducky's in a marble tub
Rubbing green into our face?
Widening the space
of fabricated creed and race
with caviar and dainty lace.
A darkening shadow looms in space
A frightening chill falls on this place
Where nature's green had once erased
Our senseless wants and frantic pace.
And Defarge has made her case ---
with self important smiling grace
She hides in shadowed thoughts so base
In wait will pounce, cut, curtained lace.
Yes blood will ooze from this disgrace
For peasants toil that bears no face
Will taste the finger's blood in haste.
C 2014 John Dull
PASTE IN BROWSER - reference:


Beware the impotent
Who coerce the weak-minded
Down paths of fabricated glory

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Pretty Boy Floyd


The juxtaposition of 2 behaviors:

1/ Someone manipulates the stock market with a computer algorithm to skim money off the top for personal advantage

2/ Someone manipulates a welfare system for personal advantage.

Are these the same behaviors? Is one behavior more innocent than the other?

Who suffers as a result of the behavior?

"Yes, as through this world I've wandered
I've seen lots of funny men;
Some will rob you with a six-gun,
And some with a fountain pen.

And as through your life you travel,
Yes, as through your life you roam,
You won't never see an outlaw
Drive a family from their home. "
(From Pretty Boy Floyd by Woody Guthrie)




There is always compensation -
Perceived good or perceived bad.
Where there is yin - there's yang,
And where there‘s happy – sad.
In this mad and ever changing world
Of frantic frill and fad
There is always compensation
Good and bad.
If you kill,
It will
In kind return to you.
If you are kind,
You will find
That it works the same way too.
Ying and yang
What we do comes back to you.
In the workings of the universe -
It’s true.
There is always compensation -
Perceived good or perceived bad.
Where there is yin - there's yang,
And where there‘s happy – sad.
In this mad and ever changing world
Of frantic frill and fad,
There is always compensation
Good and bad.
Life and death;
Night and day;
That’s the way it’s always been.
Virtue - sin;
Silence – din;
You can frown, and you can grin.
Start and end
End – begin
You will lose and you will win.
It’s the Alpha and Omega
And it all come round again.
There is always compensation – (etc.)
© 2014 John Dull

Bound by Law


Bound by law

Bound up by law

Tied up by law

Immobilized by law.



"Tell me Buddha, are you a God?"


A man came to Buddha and asked him: "Tell me Buddha, are you a God?"

"No, I am not a God."

"Are you an angel?"

"No, I am not an angel."

"Are you a prophet?"

"No, I am not a prophet."

"What are you then?"

Whereupon Buddha answered: "I am awake."



the good society


" The good and just society that we are all striving for will acknowledge that human rights are inherent to the individual." - Anne and Harry Schnickelbogger



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