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Rush-puppets are coming to town

Rush-puppets all around

In unison they chant in lines

Impotent surrendered minds






A bird needs a right wing and a left wing to fly.

So does a mind.



"The only thing we have to war, is war itself."

Some Semites


Jesus was a Semite

Mohammed was a Semite too

Abraham's a Semite

What's that mean for me and you?

fresh thought - "IF I WAS AN HERMAPHRODITE" - (choral response song)



If I was an hermaphrodite

Would you quite know how to take me?

Would you try to make me into you?

Declare which organs I could use?

Would you tell me how it is I feel?


CHORUS (in response - authoritatively):

Who are we? - the hypocrites

Who sit and ponder every day,

Telling others how to shit

And authorizing all the ways

We deal with love.



If I was an hermaphrodite

Would you quite know how to take me?

Would you try to make me into you?

Declare which organs I could use?

Would you tell me how it is I feel?

Professional War Annihilators


Be assured. There are professional war annihilators in your midst. They are in strategic position globally poised to eliminate Public Enemy #1. They will free you. Be confident - our children will reap the benefit of their diligent efforts.

Be forewarned - you, who oppose the annihilation of war. You will be rooted out. Your days are numbered.

ooga booga thinking


Picture cave people sitting in a circle. An  explosive clap of thunder deafens the shared consciousness. “OOGA-BOOGA!” they jump and exclaim. Then someone utters “Zeus!”, and Zeus is born. And we accept Zeus as the origin of thunder and the origin of other aspects of a shared consciousness.

Ooga-booga type thinking is the basis for a significant percentage of our dearly accepted tenets of daily life. Quick answers give us the security we need to proceed with the mundane. We are all ooga-booga thinkers.

How do you fight ooga-booga thinking? Do you want to fight ooga-booga thinking? We are all subject to its power and influence.

Dull Music pledges to fight ooga-booga – to somehow attempt to root it out of personal consciousness. This journey will be shared with you through fresh thoughts, songs, commentaries, concerts. The quest may place us, at times, on a fragile platform of perceived arrogance. It is necessary to take on the status quo.

Please share your own fight with us. You could write to us in the guestbook menu or by e-mail.

Happy New Year! May your journey be full of excitement and inspiration. If you must encounter them, may the potholes in the road be few and manageable.

Ooga-booga! ---------- please scroll for fresh thoughts



In this entire universe there are only two types of people: good people and shitheads.

These two categories supersede all our other categories, whether those categories be race, creed, national origin, political bent, gender, sexual orientation, religion, profession, etc.

This essay will attempt to shed light on this topic, the truth of which we probably all know instinctually. Our subconscious mind preaches this truth to us throughout our lives. It becomes evident when we see little children cozy up to certain individuals without parameters of prejudice or long years of life experience and taught categorization.

Shades of gray confuse the subject: all of us are neither completely good, nor are any of us complete shitheads. There is a spectrum that we can overlay on the discussion that may help us to communicate about it. We all know our saints, 10's on the spectrum. Zeroes on the spectrum have been vilified throughout history.

Definitions can serve to launch discussion toward an understanding of this, a universal matter. Here goes. A shithead is someone who defines you through their personal agenda. They fail to see who you are as a person. A good person, on the other hand, sees you for who you truly are, with all your needs, wants and humanness. A good person's communication with you is sincere and relevant to whom you really are. A shithead's communication with you is an attempt to manipulate you into being someone that fulfills that shithead's needs and wants. Vastly oversimplified, this definition serves the purpose of widening the discussion.

As the world gets smaller, this topic will take on more relevance. We will start to realize that in wars, debates, categories, philosophical differences, etc. we are often pitting the good against the good, protecting the shitheads of the world with mass definitions of agenda.

We will also realize that love between two good people is of a spiritual nature and that sexual communication between good people is on a different plane. When this is understood, our sexual nature will drive us into an exploration of the topic of goodness.

When we understand that a love experience between 2 good people is on a different plane than a strictly physical experience, we will all want to become truly good people: it has its earthly rewards.

This whole topic will be defined neurologically at some point in the future. The naysayers will realize that there is tangible evidence of this supposition, and this will change our world significantly.

(This essay was written by a shithead.)

The Cattle Follow, Follow


The cattle follow, follow,

And they swallow all the dust

That the leaders kick back into their face.

And they keep up with the race

As the leaders set the pace,

And they don’t know why

They know just that they must.


And Moo! Moo!  Moo!

Look at me and you,

And look at how we do

What the leaders want us to!

And Moo! Moo!  Moo!

Look at me and you,

And look at how we do

What the leaders want us to!


Yes the cattle follow, follow,

And they swallow all the dust

That the leaders kick back into their face.

And they keep up with the race

As the leaders set the pace,

And they don’t know why

They know just that they must


women of the end zone dancing


Women of the End Zone Dancing

Women of the end zone dancing -

Prancing – so craving adulation,

While unbeknownst to them

Their purpose in life - to make declaration:

“A poem now exists for clarification

How warriors silent hold their explanation

In foxhole bonding’s gratification -

creation of power in unification.”

(While the prancing dancers seek self-adulation.)


the good society


" The good and just society that we are all striving for will acknowledge that human rights are inherent to the individual."               - Anne and Harry Schnickelbogger

on wiki-leaks


There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. --- Luke 12:2 / Matthew 10:26 / Luke 8:17

Placental Mammals


FROM GENETICS 100:       The life cycle of an individual placental mammal begins when that individual placental mammal's DNA footprint comes into being.

Where's the Ark? - on global warming


"Ain't gonna rain, Noah!"

As they died in the water and mud...

Seems thoughts like "global warming"

Go over with a thud.


Dull Music Receives 2013 American Idle Award


" We are proud to have been so auspiciously recognized by the American Idle Committee for 2013," said a representative from the Dull Music Company. "We pledge to continue our artistic efforts in the vein of the philosophy of the American Idle Award. This is indeed a great honor. Thank you!!!"

(For further details of the momentous award event, go to front page - Scalavian Gazette. Extensive event photos and background story available there.)

"People on a Leash" -- (or "A Driver's Lament")



People on a leash 

They drive you nuts!

They cut you off

As if they're smart

As leashes yank them into ruts.

They ride your tail.

They think they push.

But au contraire - kapish?

Asphyxiated blind, they're dragged

These people on a leash.

The Word "Nigger" and the Word "Marriage"


I am not supposed to use the word nigger. I accept and respect that. I accept the fact that some people supposedly can. I am not supposed to hang a swastika on my wall even if I happened to like the art design. (not really) I accept and respect that. Strong visceral and gut reaction to the connotations of certain designs is part of the human condition. So I can accept the fact that some folks may have a strong negative visceral gut reaction to the design of the flag of this country or any country or organization.

I am not supposed to play Dixie over the loud speaker before a Duke Football game. I accept and respect that. Even though I may like the song. (not particularly)

The word marriage also has fallen into a vague connotatively sensitive category. There are tons of people telling me exactly what the word marriage means, and it's just a fucking word that has a thousand meanings. Let's just take the word marriage out of civil discussions. I can accept that.

I can accept the fact that American Indians, Germans and lots of other folks are sensitive to their media portrayal.

Some sensitive folks may totally misunderstand this entire missive. I can accept that. This fresh thought is developing and may get me into trouble. I better stop. I can accept that.

If I was God, and if God is love, I probably wouldn't give a shit about your fucking words and symbols. If there is no God, it wouldn't matter anyway. If I was God, I would care about how an individual treats another individual, however.



" Some folks possess fine-tuned ossholometers that give them the ability to guage human relationships quickly."    

- Anne and Harry Schnickelbogger

left brained exactophite


If one is a left-brained exactophite, art will jar sensibilities.

On the Nature of Authority


Given that infinity seemingly stretches in all directions and is seemingly interwoven with all events past, present and future -  it would seem quite absurd that a being who is entrenched in present place and time would make explicitly definitive and dogmatic statements about phenomenae. It may also seem absurd that a being, feeling a sense of connection with this infinite framework, would respect the authority of tne source of explicitly definitive statements.



I don't know where they come from.

I just know that they're here.

Early spring; the compost heap - the worms appear

They do such work methodically

The leaves will disappear

To rich black soil becoming earth

The worms are here

And I wonder in this universe

Of worms we cannot see

They're slipping in and slipping thru

To leave things as they all must be

And in a rotting compost heap

They've come to eat - oh dear!

To feast on any putrid waste

The worms are here.

The worms are here

The worms are here

The worms

A Lump of @%*^#!!!


A Lump of @%*^#!!! Is very beautiful

The slowly rising steam

And each contour has a reason

As it fits into the scheme

Of everything so perfectly

Without a lump of @%*^#!!!

You and me

Would never be.

the mouth of the universe


Space travelers came upon a mouth. They realized that this, indeed, was the mouth of the entire universe - that the entire universe was one infinite living being with a mouth. And INDEED, they had discovered the very mouth of the universe!

The mouth shared knowledge of its whole living universal self, and we realized that if one were to listen to the utterances coming forth from the mouth of the universe, eventually in infinite time, one would discover all the secrets of the universal being.

Gradually the mouth began to protrude more and more. It took on a head, and arms and legs, eyes, nose and ears and began to move about.

We are all traveling in space every day. We are all the mouths and eyes and ears of the universe. We were already in the big bang when it happened.

This is a universe at work. Cosmic dust does such things. "From dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return."



"A question that sometimes drives me hazy:

am I or are the others crazy?"         Albert Einstein


editorial comment: Cheers to good ol' Albert who is pushin' up his daisies.

The New Currency


Now that empirical scientific evidence has validated the existence of neurological transcendental experience, value systems will mature based on that evidence.

Over time, value systems will unite, propelled by validated empirical information that demonstrates true empirical bases of value systems. As value systems unite, a system of currency will develop founded on measurable depth of transcendental experience.

science and tenets / tenets and science


"If science disproves a tenet of Buddhism, then Buddhism must change. --- The Dalai Lama


 "If science disproves ANY tenet, then that tenet WILL CHANGE." --- Harry Schnickelbogger

I Met a Man Who Burnt a Book


I met a man who burnt a book;

He was a kook.

I met a man who crashed a plane;

He was insane.

You see, both men are the same.

The universe will still exist

despite a feeble brain.



Out of curiosity, a billionaire hosted a contest.

Ten couples were recruited. The objective of the contest was to reward the couple who could successfully undertake the most abortions in a 3 year period which resulted from that particular couple's viable conjugal insemination.

Rules of the contest:

1. Couples are secluded under camera surveillance 24/7 for the 3 year period.They receive all the necessities of life free of charge.

2. Fetuses must be the result of a viable conjugal insemination by the couple as deemed by contest directors using camera evidence.

3. A fetus had to be medically deemed at least one month old by contest doctors

4. Abortions had to be performed professionally by contest doctors

5. For each successful abortion a couple would receive a $1000 prize.

6. At the end of 3 years, the couple who had successfully provided abortions of the most fetuses received a three million dollar grand prize as deemed by contest directors

7. DNA evidence was to be gathered from each fetus to undeniably prove that the fetus was actually a result of the particular couple's conjugal insemination.

Riddle: 1. Was the billionaire a man, a woman or an hermaphrodite?

2. What was the winning number of abortions?

3. If you had a good chance of winning, would you participate in this contest?

Religious Nuts


We all hear about religious nuts that hijack institutional thought. They propagate their mis-truths in the educational and legal systems of a society and scorn and punish nay-sayers of the propaganda. Enlightened thinkers, aware of their tactics, may refuse indoctrination but at risk of demise.

History is full of it. The popular example is the "sun revolves around the earth" doctrine that pervaded thinking for so long. Beware to those who oppose. The institutional mind is closed to any thought that threatens the status quo.


It's comical to think that we enlightened folks hold many subtle thought processes that are derivatives of religious nutt-ism, that we seem to grasp on to dearly, unaware of the mindless jargon that supports and propagates them.


For instance, there are legions of folks who think like this: embryo/fetal-mass/potential life; embryo/fetal-mass/potential life; embryo/fetal-mass/potential life; embryo/fetal-mass/ potential life; --- POOF!!! --- a real individual life!!!

At some magically cosmic moment in an individual's growth process, a "poof moment" occurs. and an individual life begins. The POOF! People have hijacked institutional thought, and we go on day to day living this modern Taliban-like-institutionally-supported doctrine.


The fact is that DNA is the indicator of the individual. It is used as proof for execution. It opens wonders in INDIVIDUAL scientific medicine. It holds untold secrets about each unique individual. An individual organism's life-cycle begins when that individual organism's DNA footprint comes into being.

At ANY time in the growth process, DNA can tell us an individual's race, sex, personality traits, skin tone - most of the things that make an individual an individual - it stands as the proof of an individual's existence. If we declare a POOF! moment, it must be when an individual's DNA comes into existence and their growth process begins. This is the science of it. All other thinking enters the realm of religious quackery and is dangerous.


Beware of the Taliban. They deceive you.


Of course, when folks become enlightened, we'll have the deal with the discussion and boondoggle of death certificates.

Unconditional Love and Bullshit


At some time in the future, the phenomenon known as "unconditional love" will be empirically defined and proven to exist by neuroscience. At that time, 95% of the tenets of social behavior that we give credence to, and a large part of the way we presently look at and define ourselves socially, will be empirically proven to be a bunch of bullshit. Everything will change.

Arrogance Gets You Nowhere



2. I am arrogant.

3. I have achieved nowhereness.

fresh thought on race relations


Assholes come in all colors.

So do arms.


The biggest sexual organ that each person has is their mind.

A Definition of a Poor Driver


A Definition of a Poor Driver

One who lacks the physical and/or mental skills to understand statistical probabilities that govern the movement of objects in space.


Principle of good driving: avoid poor drivers.


(The poor driver's present lack of ability to grasp universal laws will manifest itself statistically at some time in the future. Laws of probability deem that they will get theirs.)

THINKING per Galileo


"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." -- Galileo Galilei


 "All antiquated philosophical, political and religious tenets will eventually succumb to the scientific thought process." -- Harry Schnickelbogger



In 10-25 years, neuroscientific findings will revolutionize many of the tenets that we hold dear.

Until then, you must fasten your seatbelt, implement brainpower and implement patience to work through our prejudices as you ponder these "fresh thoughts." Good luck.



Diddlin' Daze © 2012 John Dull

My diddlin' days are damn near done

My dirty 'ol man days have just begun

Be damned I'll have my fun, hon,

Son of a gun it's been a good run.

My sizzlin' nights I shall sleep through

Bumpin' up'm to beautiful you

Tinglin' toes'll tangle too

Woopity-woo!!! -  it's what you do.

And when my toes point up to the sky

And St. Petrina asks me why

I became the lucky guy

Lovin' so true with only you.

I'll show St. Peter these ol toes

Because it's there that heaven knows

Fiddlin' - diddlin' helps it grow

Makin'you glow

It makes you glow!!!

My diddlin' days are damn near done

My dirty ol man days just begun

Be damned I'll have my fun

Was a good run, hon, son of a gun

It was a good run.

legal slavery

if the definition of legal slavery included the right of the slave-owner to, at will, eliminate the life of the slave, whether justly or unjustly, then all people born in the USA are legal slaves until they are approximately into the 5th month of their growth process.

Solomon's Glory


Solomon's Glory

There are people with the ability/skill to make good and just decisions.

This idea rises from the collective subconscious with the story of Solomon. The story suggests that somehow we know that just decision-makers exist, and we emphatically recognize this ability when they are, indeed, appointed to decision making positions. When appointed, their ability/skill manifests itself fully.

Prediction: Neuroscience will find the neural pathways incorporated in just decision making. Over time, we will be electing folks into decision making positions based on their neural ability to do so. It will be similar to our ability to notice when folks have any advanced ability, whether it be piano playing, golfing, basketball, math, science, art, carpentry.

 Neuroscientists will discover the empirical foundation for just decision making, and this empirical information will enable us to choose decision makers wisely.

"Tell me Buddha, are you a God?"


A man came to Buddha and asked him: "Tell me Buddha, are you a God?"

"No, I am not a God."

"Are you an angel?"

"No, I am not an angel."

"Are you a prophet?"

"No, I am not a prophet."

"What are you then?"

Whereupon Buddha answered: "I am awake."


The leashes around our necks strangle our hearts.

The "occupy media" movement


Political talk show hosts are actually taking part in an "occupy media" movement.

The "occupy media" movement started in advance of the "occupy Wall Street" movement. The "occupy media" movement and the "occupy Wall Street" movement are parallel social phenomena.

Non-Fossil Fuel Technology


Some countries' reluctance to embrace non-fossil fuel technology can be paralleled to the path that some companies in the record industry took when they were reluctant to embrace digital technology. Watch what happens. New leaders emerge. Dinosaurs become extinct.

fresh thought - The Virgin Mary


If Jesus was the Son of God, and Mary was a virgin, what did Jesus' DNA look like?

comment: For centuries we've been asking questions about the nature of Jesus and the great mystics. When the above question is asked, there are those that consider it sacriligeous and/or unnecessary.

The non-thinking populace would have us still believing that the sun revolves around the earth. "Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened unto you."

Teresa of Calcutta said

"Teresa of Calcutta intimated that it was unnecessary to be successful in one's mission as defined by the outside world. --- It was, however, necessary to be faithful to one's mission." - see peace demonstration menu

Thomas Edison and A.D.D.

If Thomas Edison was given Ritalin for his A.D.D., we may still be in the dark.

to my son


As you work your maze

Days are years

I pray that on the balance

Joy outweighs tear

Fears be valid guideposts

help navigate the way

That grays are something you can grasp

In rainbows of your days

And when you reach the marshland

Enveloped by haze

The inner voice will guide you

Where darkness meets day

As you emerge victorious

Embattled arms raise

Embracing concepts valiant

For this, for you, I pray.

At the Wake of Harold Bentley


At the Wake of Harold Bentley © 2012 John Dull

Harold married Mary

Whose sister's a beautician.

Who married Freda's brother

Who's an expert politician

Who hid the household variance

That the Owen family had

Under the condition

There were other small provisions

Freda's other brother took the cloth To preach in Gretchen

He's married to a Johnson there

And sometimes it is mentioned

There was a drinking problem oh

They tried to keep it quiet

A Johnson held the center at O'Horley's bar room riot

CHORUS: And anyhow it's been so long

What's it really matter

How all the intricacies now

Are only whims of random chatter

Harold's in the coffin

And we all will sorely miss him

If his body weren't so cold and stiff

I'd reach right down and kiss him

And did you hear the Quigley's son

Is off to college baseball?

Tore the skin right off the ball

Three times he scored the center wall

His buddy Tom went off to war And won't be coming back

Those Pelson's had it tough all right

They also lost their young son, Jack.

But Mary is a doctor

And she helped old Silas River

Had a tumor on his neck

Details would make you shiver

He dated Sheenah Riley

Twas a Scandal there it seems

(Be careful now from who you hear

Just how she dealt with shattered dreams)

Too bad that such a lovely girl would be in such depression

Heard she was in counseling

Met some weirdo in some sessions

And anyhow it's been so long

What's it really matter

How all the intricacies now

Are only terms whims of random chatter

Harold's in the coffin

And we all will sorely miss him

If his body weren't so cold and stiff

I'd reach right down and kiss him



And Bob his son is gay you know

He's living with some fellow

Be happy for them times have changed

They called him prissy-yellow

And Bakers' daughter too you know

Is married to a woman

Times have bloomin' changed they have

Who'd of saw it comin?

Who'd of figured years ago that we'd be standing here

Upon death's door a-ramblin'

Bout a life that seems so dear

Amazing ain't it Charlie

That now we're fat and old

And soon we'll join old Harold

And we'll all be stiff and cold

And anyhow it's been so long

What's it really matter

How all the intricacies now

Are only whims of random chatter

Harold's in the coffin

And we all will sorely miss him

If his body weren't so cold and stiff

I'd reach right down and kiss him

©2012 John Dull




A woman became pregnant from an incestual rape. She decides to have an abortion.

A billionaire proposes another option in contracted deal form:

The woman is to be anesthetized for the entire duration of the pregnancy. Under anesthesia she will deliver the child which will be taken from her and put into adoption. The women will then be woken.

Her only memory, except perhaps for some discomfort, will be going under anesthesia 9 months ago.

Upon awakening, she will receive 1 million dollars per year for the rest of her life. Does the woman accept the deal?

 Questions: Is this wrong or right? Is the billionaire a woman, a man or an hermaphrodite?


When we install the technology that prevents tailgating on highways, we will save thousands of lives per year.

Civil Rights Museum

The universal Civil Rights Museum explores the DNA issue thoroughly.

dumb-phone smarts

Some folks don't have a dumb-phone because they aren't smart enough.

song - The House We Live In


There's the big house

Where those rich folks live

And I can tell you

Something about it

It's spacious and clean

And luxury-laden

With grounds so pristine

There's no doubt about it

They sleep in their beds

And eat at a table

In exquisite bathrooms rich-folks relieve themselves

They may or may not

Be as happy as me

Because in the end we all live In ourselves

CHORUS: And what was it like to be Mother Theresa?

Gandhi or Jesus or Martin Luther King?

Who felt the same oceans

Beheld blazing sunsets

Smelled the same flowers

And heard the birds sing?


And what is it like

To live in that big house

Luxury laden with comforts galore?

I cannot lie that I'm filling with envy

Desirous of wealth, I keep craving for more

CHORUS: And what was it like to be Mother Theresa?

Gandhi or Jesus or Martin Luther King?

Who felt the same oceans

Beheld painted sunsets

Smelled fields of flowers

And heard the birds sing?

©2011 John Dull


dullmusic has all the might it could possibly want


consciousness understands itself and in that moment all is clear

Definition of "fresh"


fresh -

dictionary results

1. newly made or obtained: fresh footprints. fresh - "impudent, presumptuous," 1848, U.S. slang, probably from Ger. french "insolent, cheeky," from O.H.G. freh "covetous," related to O.E. frec "greedy, bold" (see freak). 2. recently arrived; just come: fresh from school. 16. informal presumptuous or disrespectful; forward 3. new; not previously known, met with, etc.; novel: to uncover fresh facts; to seek fresh experiences. 4. mod. - cheeky; impudent. : Ken sure is fresh sometimes.


Eden is in the mind. That’s why we have the concept. Maybe that’s where we should look for it.

The "fresh thoughts" Poem


Fresh Thoughts

Some are short

Some are long

Statement, essay, poem or song

You may say "right!"

You may say "wrong!"

That dull is bright... or dull's ding dong.

Beware they'll bite

The jugular throng!

If while you're here dull thoughts be gone.


100 fresh thoughts for you

- Tood-a-loo!

warning - fresh thoughts may make you angry

Spewing Poison


We used to think that we could spew as much poison into our water as we wanted, and nature would graciously accept it without repercussion. When will we ever learn?

There are still some folks that think that we can spew as much poison into the air as we want, and nature will graciously accept it without repercussion. When will we ever learn?

tax/tolls - tolls/tax


If state toll road increases cost you an additional $375 per year, and tax breaks are given that equal $175 per year, your total tax increase is $200 per year.

Principles of Traffic


If a rectangular box is drawn on the ground that is designed to fit only 4 sedan-type cars in its perimeter, the only way that you could add a 5th car to the box would be to place the 5th car on top of the others.

The same principle governs traffic in densely populated areas.

Riddle: choice in a bigamous marriage


Anna, Sam and Barbara participate in a bigamous marriage. They are poisoned into unconsciousness.

When they awaken; each finds themself enclosed in a soundproof room.

Anna and Barbara cannot see either of the others and are totally unaware of the state of the others. Sam can see Barbara and Anna.

Sam is given the following option and given 15 seconds to make a decision:

He has 2 levers in front of him. One is marked "Anna", the other is marked "Barbara." If Sam pulls the "Anna" lever, Anna and he will be released, and Barbara will die an excruciatingly painful death which Sam will witness from the booth before he is set free.

If Sam pulls the "Barbara" lever, he and Barbara will be released and Anna will die an excruciatingly painful death which Sam will witness from his booth before he is released.

Anna and Barbara will be unaware of Sam's dilemna and/or decisions and final outcome. If Sam chooses to pull no lever, both Barbara and Anna will die excruciatingly painful deaths which he will witness. He will then be freed.

What does Sam do?



What are human rights?

What is mystical experience?

Any Well Thought Out Atheist


Any well-thought-out atheist would most probably agree with the following train of thought:

1. Life is a "process" as defined by all mainstream dictionaries.

2. Science tells us that an individual's lifecycle process begins when that individual's DNA footprint comes into being.


Dictionary definition of "process"  -  

(1): a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result

(2): a continuing natural or biological activity or function b: a series of actions or operations conducing to an end;



A gynecologist developed a peculiar hate for women.

This doctor decided that whenever it was discovered that a patient was found pregnant with a female, the patient would be informed that severe birth defects were detected and immediate abortion would be recommended.

In this way, the doctor, before being apprehended, successfully eliminated 3742 female lives.

The courts decided that the females whose lives had been eliminated had no legal rights, and the doctor could not be tried for murder.

RIDDLE: Was the doctor a man or a woman?

The Most Influential Mind in History


I feel that the most influential mind in history was that of a Semite male.

Peace of Islam



Peace of Islam, you will find

Focused purpose - single mind

Loving neighbor - one in kind

Conqueror of pain behind;

While there are those who undermine

The Prophets' message misaligned

In brutal ignorance defined -

Pools of blood, in darkness blind

As with my Christ we do the same

Smearing lies for why he came.

In hate we redefine the name

And blaming, kill in violent shame.

Mind of prophets piercing through

Their victory given - wisdom true;

Though we know not just what we do

If you will seek, they will find you

Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew

One God we all are listening to

Message pure - God gives to few

With blood this God's forgiven you.

somehow we know

Somehow we know That the thinking of it Makes it so.

Who am I to challenge you?


Who am I to challenge you?

If you can get off your high horse and climb on to my high horse for a few minutes, continue here. And if you dare take a shot at a commoner's wisdom, please read on.

I'm just a common laborer in the trucking industry. I fancy myself as a poet-songwriter. I'm a former football player and coach. Kind of like - Joe, the plumber.

I've been trying to put together a set of questions that will help people to hone in on human rights issues from a core perspective. I must admit to you that I think that most people have it wrong. They start with a fuzzy base and build up on a screwed up core so they miss it.

If you can leave your self-righteous platform and come onto my self-righteous platform for a moment; if you have a quiet corner and a few minutes, please, let's experiment.

Please take a look at the following questions sequentially and think carefully about them. Please read questions one by one with a thinking pause and approach them singly, first to last.

1. Are your human civil rights inherent to your individuality or are they granted to you by an outside agency?

2. If your human rights lack an inherent quality and are solely granted to you by an outside agency, what keeps you from being a puppet of the state?

3. If your human rights are inherent to your individuality, when does your individuality begin?

4. Did your individual life process begin when your individual DNA footprint came into being?

Input welcomed.

FRESH THOUGHTS ARE NOT IN DATE ORDER AS IT MAY SEEM - they shuffle randomly - For page 2 of fresh thoughts, scroll to bottom, and click on "next page."



My brother, Jim Dull's life process ended on December 11, 2009 - medical charts indicate at 4:19 pm. This essay is being written in honor of him.

Jim Dull's DNA was extremely different than yours. It was extremely different than mine. It was extremely different than anyone's who has ever lived and probably anyone's who ever will live. Jim Dull's life process began sometime in May of 1946 when this DNA came into being.

Along with Jim's environment, this DNA drove his life process. It expressed itself in unique talents, his personality, his drives, desires and motivations, his feelings. It basically made Jim, Jim. Jim's unique set of qualities gave us the person that folks loved, the Jim that I loved and still love.

This essay is being written in honor of the unique individual, Jim Dull.

Please allow me to challenge your brain. What I'm about to write may be hurtful to you. If it opens insight, it is for the good.

If you deny that my brother's life process started when his unique DNA footprint came into being, there are a few things you can start to surmise about yourself, among them these:

1. You lack knowledge of biological science; and/or 2. You have yet to think this subject through thoroughly. Perhaps this essay can help you.

Jim Dull's life process ended on December 11, 2009 - medical charts indicate at 4:19 pm. His life process began sometime in May of 1946 when his DNA footprint came into being. This essay is being written in honor of him - the unique individual, Jim Dull, who lots of folks loved, who I loved and still love.

Your DNA footprint is extremely different than mine. Unless you are one of identical siblings or a clone, your DNA footprint is extremely different than anyone's who has ever lived and probably anyone's who ever will live.

In conjunction with your environment, your DNA footprint expresses itself in your unique talents, your personality, your drives, desires and motivations, your feelings, your sex, your sexual orientation, your race. It basically makes you, you.

 Your individual life process began when your individual DNA footprint came into being. Your individual life process will end sometime in the future - medical charts will probably indicate at a specific time.

May we rest in peace.

John Dull

JMH Dull Productions

dullmusic requests legal help


Dullmusic asks philosophical questions. Because of lack of legal knowledge, dullmusic can sometimes answer its questions philosophically while it fails to answer them legally.

Here are some legal questions that dullmusic lacks the legal knowledge to be able to answer. Perhaps you could help. 1. Does a hospital have a legal responsibility to provide a death certificate for every death that occurs within its walls?

2. If a person who is being sped to a hospital is perhaps dead or not, but arrives in the emergency room and death has occured at some time within its walls or not, is the hospital legally responsible to produce a death certificate?

3. Do family members and extended family members have the legal right to request copies of, or request inspection of, the death certificate of a family member?

Perhaps you could pull us aside at a concert and let us know the answers to these legal questions if you have the legal knowledge to do so. Thanks.

Of Sea and Sand


I wished a dream of sea and sand

And naked, free, I ran, I ran.

Exploding sun burst from the sea

A massive sphere of energy.

My body sweats - I raise my hands

As if to join the sky and land

As if to grasp a thing in me

Without, within - a thing so free

The only thing that has to be.

5/1/11 Another War Casualty Today -

There was another war casualty today 5/1/11.

Hot Air


Hot air

Hot air

Hot air Everywhere.

Over here

Over there


Hot air

Just stare.



The Brittany Spears phenom: old

The Dull Music phenom: old, old, old




We all have our uniforms - external garments and internal creeds.

Take 327 people - a demographically mixed cross section of society.

They are naked. They are strangers: shaved of all bodily hair, tattoos removed, without jewelry or trinkets. They all speak different verbal languages.

They are on a deserted island which can sustain human life. Each has only a piece of string and a knife. What would we discover about internal identity?

Who are you really?

Who am I really?

SO DECLARES YOUR GRAMMY - (written following the 2010 awards ceremony)


SO DECLARES YOUR GRAMMY (written following the 2010 awards ceremony)

The holocaust never existed

So declares your Grammy

Raise the demi-gods on high

As they reach into your childrens' jammies.

Shuffle pedophiles around

Bright crosses hiding all their sins

Trumpet message loud and clear

The hidden market money wins.

As victims are forced cross borders

Sickos placing internet orders

From stifling, filthy, sleaze motels

They buy and sell

We close our eyes...

Grammy is going to hell.

Who is the Greater American?


Who was the greater American? The guy who fired the kill shot on registered public enemy #1 or the guy who pushed the button for the first a-bomb kill? Perspectives...







Reader beware. Fresh thoughts may make you feel uncomfortable. They are based on a thought process that tries to refuse to rely on dogmatic belief as a comfort cushion.

Dogmatic belief, as pertains to fresh thoughts, are those beliefs that we hold true just because we want to hold them true or because we have been taught that they are true. Dogmatic beliefs may be secular or they may be faith based (for lack of better terminology).

They are based on comfort and are far from being well thought out. Fresh thoughts, we hold, are well thought out. They may incense you, but their logic may be compelling.

Some are just for fun.

If there are fresh thoughts whose logic you find to be faulty, we'd love to hear your take on it.

Dialogue can help us grow.

A rose is a rose is a rose.

On the Grief of a Brother's Passing


On Grief of a Brother's Passing

They buried him in the cold, cold ground.

His warm, warm heart joins to the earth.

A penny's worth of carnal flesh

From dirt to dirt.

And I am only empty now

Somehow I wonder had it been

That he lived on in earthly plane

My brother and my friend.


Some will talk of his rebirth

Repetitious lives on earth

With lauds of love and joy and mirth.

But I am only empty now

Somehow I wonder had it been

That he'd lived on in earthly plane

My brother and my friend.

He chose to go upon the wind

And as I gaze and talk with him,

I brim with hope; I clearly see

That somehow, somewhere we will be

Brother-friends eternally.

But I am only empty now

Somehow I wonder had it been

That he'd lived on in earthly plane

My brother and my friend.

John Dull 2009

ON USE OF THE VERNACULAR IN FRESH THOUGHTS - There has been criticism of use of the vernacular in our "fresh thoughts." For a good portion of every day, we communicate and work with folks who use the

If use of the vernacular is insulting to you, we suggest that you skip this section of the website, and go to the more refined sections of the site. The vernacular , we believe, speaks to many of the folks that we are attempting to communicate with via our art. If you disagree, there are plenty of sections in this site that may speak more deeply to you.



Pretty voices that say 0.

Loud voices that say 0.

We are waiting for WISE voices that SAY something.

ON SEPTEMBER 12, 1847, "fresh toughts" will be shut down temporarily for maintenance. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE IN RETROSPECT.



If you got a fresh thought from these pages, just think what it's like when it's put to music!

Let's put it this way: If you purchase one of our albums for 12 bucks and you get 100 hours of listening pleasure from it over the life of the album, that's about 12¢ per hour.

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The product is guaranteed too!!!

If I knew


If I knew

That now new life

Would find me -

That streams would quench my burning thirst -

Would that I plunge in.




Dull Muisic proposes that a national day of celebration be proclaimed for the President's birthday in the year 2010. Parades, rallies, festive celebrations, and award ceremonies could be part of the plan.

Those who feel inclined could take off from work to celebrate.

As of August 4, 2010, the President will be approximately 49 years and 9 months old!!!

love and pity


Pity is very different than love.

Empathy is closer to love.

We often mistake pity for empathy and vice versa.



Was Ghandi a Christian?

Was Theresa of Calcutta a Buddhist?


Every religion has its saints.


They all discover the same truths.


By doing so, they enter and become the true hierarchy of their discipline.

"Find them. Root them out. And remove them from your midst. Do this non-violently."

random musings


1. an earthquake can change everything.

2. whoppers over big macs

3. god is great

4. I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a pea.

5. free

6. tree

7. be

8. "a man in a coonskin cap with a big pen wants eleven dollar bills and you only got ten" - Bob Dylan

9. So many lives

So many goals

So many roles

So many souls

Who is who  - For whom the bell tolls?

10. Our fumes enter other peoples' lives

11. "Out of Balance" is the definitive piece of art of the 21st century



There's a pretty little house,

On a pretty little street,

In a pretty little town.

It's all so very neat.

In this pretty little world,

Like a cookie-cutter toy,

Live a pretty little girl,

And a pretty little boy.

In their pretty empty heads,

Pretty full of empty dreams,

It's all so very peachy,

Pretty much, it pretty seems,

While a pretty hungry boy, and a very sickly girl,

Are pretty full of worms in a not-so-distant world


It' all so very obvious,

And pretty plain to see,

There's something out of balance - universally.

Isn't it quite evident,

There's something pretty wrong,

And there's something very ugly,

All about this pretty song.

{SHOCKING!!! ENDING to this SONG CONTINUES ON JMH DULL PRODUCTION'S NEWEST CD RELEASE, "OUT of BALANCE" - coming in June. Click on "our store" menu for details}

fresh thought - the internet - SOURCE


The internet is creating a virtual country with the freest expression of free speech democracy. Like minds will eventually find one another on the internet.


You may have more in common in your thought patterns with someone on the other side of the earth than with your neighbor next door.


Why go to war against someone that you are in kindred spirit with?


Some great unifier will draw folks to a common site.


It's impossible to fight truth over time. Truth always finds its way into mainstream, although our mental density may prohibit it at first. Truth will eventually be the source on the internet. People everywhere search for truth.

The earth revolves around the sun - now we know it, although at one time we thought otherwise.


The truth is that all folks basically want and need the same things regardless of their place of birth.


Put down your arms and unite.


The earth revolves around the sun.

Museum of Monotheism



Someone and/or some group will institute a museum of monotheism. Here are some ideas they could consider.


A Museum of Monotheism could be 3 separate museums all facing inward in a circle: a building for Judaism; a building for Islam; and a building for Christianity.

Each museum could be organized and procurated by peaceful progressives of the discipline that the museum hosts.


This circular layout of buildings could be joined on the exterior rim by a circular endless hallway providing access to all the buildings, representing the eternal nature of Abraham's vision.


In a courtyard, placed in the center of the 3 building structure could be a large statue of Abraham placed on a large sundial-like clock, so that every hour Abraham faces each of the 3 buildings.


In between each building could be courtyards for concerts, gardens, lectures, and art exhibits.


Inside each building could be an ecumenical worship space, structured in the tradition of the discipline that the building honors.


Outside of the 3 building structure could be a campus for an Institute for the Propagation of Neuro-theology  --  thus allowing our scientific thoughts of spirituality to have a place.


When this website is fully functioning, we hope to have a diagram of said idea available.




Fascists expect you to apologize for opinions you may have that differ from theirs. We all have a little fascist in us. Some people have a lot.



My pee pee's teenie weenie,

So I think I'll join a gang.

My wang feels so much larger,

When I give away my brain

To another teeny weenie

Who's proclaiming he's a man.

My pee pee's teenie weenie.

I think I'll join a gang.

comment: The feeling of need to join a gang is based in insecurity and doubt of manhood or personhood. Incidentally, armies are large legitimatized gangs. ******************



I HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE TO DO ANYTHING THAT I WANT TO DO. The only limitations of this right may be my innate abilities and/or the environmental circumstances I am in.

You may choose to tell me that I "don't have the right." I may choose to answer, "Who says?"

I can do anything I want to do. I can choose to aspire to any profession that I want. I have the right to choose to kill you. I have the right to choose to stop at a stop sign. I have the right to choose to go through it without stopping if I feel it's safe. I have the right to choose to go through it if it's unsafe.

With every choice that I make, there is a consequence.

If I choose to jump up and down right now, it affects the universe in some way. I may choose to disregard this effect or ignore it as inconsequential.

I choose to think that "cause and effect" is a function of the universe. I may choose to deny that "cause and effect" is a function of the universe some day.

I can drop a bomb on Hiroshima. I can do a kind deed for a neighbor. I can travel the world. I have the right to choose to jump off a building. I have the right to choose to have sexual intercourse with anyone I want. I have the right to choose to deny the responsibility of the consequences of that. I have the right to choose to accept them.

I can do anything that I want to do. I have the right to choose to write anything that I want to write in these fresh thoughts. You have the right to choose to read them. Or not.





CONTACT: JMH Dull Productions /  / DULL



"It is with great sadness that we announce our decision on this matter. Circumstances drove our organization to this position. Our stance is not taken lightly, and only after much deliberation did we decide that this course of action was necessary."

With this statement, a spokesperson from the Dull Music Company announced the excommunication. Insiders closest to the decision making process speculate that the excommunication was finally triggered by the Catholic Church's decision to excommunicate Father Roy Bourgeois for his stance on the ordination of women into the priesthood.

Bourgeois is a noted social justice advocate and Founder of the School of the Americas Watch, a citizen watchdog group that monitors government atrocities in Central America:


But others have raised the possibility that long standing disagreements between Dull Music and the Catholic Church's position on multitudinous matters were the deciding factors in the decision. The announcement, however, came bluntly and swiftly. There seemed to be no hesitation on the matter.



The works of Abraham Maslow will enjoy a significant resurgence in the near future. Neuro-scientific research will discover tangible brain evidence that many of his suppositions were correct.

"Maslow became the leader of the humanistic school of psychology that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s, which he referred to as the "third force" -- beyond Freudian theory and behaviorism."




Hurray for sex education. After all, kids should know about their bodies - including their minds.


There's something mystifying about this whole sex education process though. The word "love" seems to be left out of the discussion.


That could mean a few things:

1. Love doesn't exist

2. We don't know much about love

3. We're afraid to talk about love

4. We're so poor at making love that we are ashamed to discuss it.


A fresh thought: If we're teaching kids how to copulate well, but we're not teaching them how to make love, we could end up with the following:

1. A whole bunch of kids who may be copulating well but are unhappy with their ability to make love.

2. Some unwanted pregnancies.

3. A lot of divorces.


Maybe we better learn what love is. Hey, if it exists, it's got to be able to at least be defined. There's a whole bunch of us old hippies running around screaming for sex education, and we used to be screaming, "Make love, not war." Maybe we just gave up for lack of knowledge?


Abraham Maslow, the renowned humanistic psychologist, put it this way: "Our duty is clear here. We must understand love; we must be able to teach it, to create it, to predict it, or else the world is lost to hostility and to suspicion."

Hey, at least this essay could be part of a sex education course. It may broaden the discussion.

fresh thought - the tactile lie


Society can propagate and teach, via cultural values, the tactile lie.

What is a tactile lie? When we shake hands with someone, and do not mean it at all, it's a deception. It is tactile communication that is false. It is saying something we do not mean with an action.


The following song was written in response to tactile lies.


And Judas, would you betray me with your kiss?

Is this what you are all about?

In death, I finally found you out.

Opportunist, would you betray me with your handshake?

With fake - replace the something real?:

A chilling clutch, Is that your deal?

And lover, would you betray me with your bed?

Would you say the most that can be said;

Then take my body - leave my soul;

Leave me one half whole and dead?

And Judas, would you betray me with your kiss?

Is this what you are all about?

In death I finally found you out.

"I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness."

fresh thought - who decides who owns things?


"everthing is everybody's"

comment: a huge percentage of those who read this, including myself, may totally misunderstand the above statement



plastic bags


Plastic bags could be outlawed worldwide by 2019.



"Agape" is one of the ancient Greek words used for love.

"Eros" and "filios" are 2 other words used in ancient Greek for love.

In rough terms "filios" means brotherly love, "eros" means sexual love, and "agape" means unconditional universal love.

For a revolutionary interpretation of agape love, drop a note to, and a treatise will be e-mailed in return.



If we feel like we have to pay for it, we lack confidence in our ability to attract a sexual partner.

If we feel like we have to sell it, we have a deep self image problem.

If we support the above equation by spending time with porn, both principles apply, and we support the idea of others demeaning themselves. It is an injustice to them.


is buried deep inside "fresh thoughts" - let us know when you find it!





Like most human activity, physical intimacy can be placed on a scale from 1 to 10.


Rape and incest would, of course, be on the zero end of the spectrum.


Allow me to share thoughts on a 10: Two virgins of the opposite sex who are loved and respected by their community meet and are highly attracted to one another. They fall in love. After some time, they make a lifelong commitment to one another and share total intimacy. They completely physically, mentally, and, for lack of a better word, spiritually, unite at orgasm.


They participate unprotected with the knowledge that they may conceive a new life and are eager to do so because of their love for one another.


All their past, future and present unites in one moment. All bodily organs are functioning for the purpose that nature evolved them. No holes barred. The experience is total.


Most of our attempts at intimacy fall somewhere between the "0" and "10" ends of the spectrum.


Here's an example: 2 consenting adults who have lifelong commitments to other parties meet secretly in a motel to share an evening of all out sex. They have no particular commitment to the sexual partner of the moment. They use one another for gratification of need. Is this a 5 or below?


As we get closer to zero, there is more inherent violence in the act.


When we deny the personhood of another, we are displaying violence toward them. We lie about their full personhood to them, and this is abuse, whether it be verbal or tactile. Personhood contains past, present and future.


The deep subconscious desire of a person is to approach a 10 in intimacy with someone.

I doubt if I've ever met anyone who has been there. They'd probably be dead.

An Open Letter to the World's 10 Worst Dictators



Dear Dictator,

Recently I read an article in Parade Magazine called “The World's 10 Worst Dictators" by David Wallechinsky. It was very interesting to me.

I hope you get this letter, although I know you must be very busy. It surprised me that all of the world's 10 worst dictators were supposedly of the male gender. It also surprised me that you were accused of very violent things. This created a conflict in me.

Being of the male gender, I had always thought that a true feeling of manhood brings you an internal sense of strength and peace. The article, though, hinted at the fact that you are insecure and that you had to resort to violence and bullying and suppression especially to ladies to feel secure.

It hinted that you are afraid of everyone. This made me think that maybe you're really a sissypoop.

I would like to meet you. But if you are insecure, you will not want to meet me. I am conflicted. Please advise.

Yours Sincerely,

John Dull

Dull Music Company




Periodically, in the course of human events, new perceptions come along that radically shift our understandings of the universe. Such was the realization that the earth revolves around the sun. In historic terms, this realization dramatically affected most human institutions. While changing philosophy, religion and science, this thought made its way into politics, government and the social structures that we use to regulate our existence.

Valid new perceptions take their time to be incorporated into the general think-tank. We chew on them, we debate them, we resist them, and we adjust them. Eventually, we stubbornly accept their validity in some form. We earthlings chew on a new thought before it completely takes root. We are still regurgitating Darwin's Theory of Evolution for instance.


You will be privy here to a new perception that will radically change all things. It will take its time, but it will run its course and be incorporated. It's another idea like “the earth revolves around the sun" -  it just is. If you know some neuro-scientists, share this essay with them. They may thank you profusely. Some neuropsychologist may run with this idea to the tune of millions. Some jounalist may run with it and scoop the news-world. Some government may run with it and take a huge step ahead.


Here goes:

1. Love exists.

2. In neurological terms, love is a direct result of the advanced evolutionary development of the interplay between certain neo-cortical mechanisms and the stimulation variation drive regulated by the activity of certain brainstem structures.

3. Love is an attractive force existing between individuals when a dynamic interplay of Alpha and Beta states in the brain creates a shifting and pleasant equilibrium that results in attraction to the source of pleasure.

4. Alpha is reached between individuals as a result of comfort, trust and truth. Beta comes into play when the stimulation variation drive is triggered by creative input from individuals, thus creating an attractive force between the individuals.

This force, highly evolved in the human species, is what we have come to call “love."

The above information defines the neuro-biological mechanism that Abraham Maslow was searching for while unfolding theories of “hierarchy of need."


“Our duty is clear here. We must understand love; we must be able to teach it, to create it, to predict it, or else the world is lost to hostility and to suspicion."  --- Abraham Maslow



The roof over your head,

Bread and a bed,

Good things in your head,

And love. A

ll else you think you need, instead,

Only makes you dead.

So shred your vision of what is wealth.

Acquire that which gives you health.

You'll live so full

You'll bust your gut

While friends around

May call you nuts.

DNA Evidence


There is substantial DNA evidence that a significant part of our individuality came into being when our DNA footprint came into being.

fresh thought - public budgets


There could be a standard analytical and organizable template for all governmental accounts, and budgets could be placed on the internet for public scrutiny. This would serve many purposes as an inherent part of the democratic process.

1. It would make us a truly open society where public servants were held accountable for their work and could be evaluated openly by the people who elect (hire) them.

2. It would provide material for acccounting courses. Colleges/high schools could use the templates to audit public offices as part of their course work.

3. It would open public accounts to the media for similar purposes. Graft, in this way, could be kept to a minimum.

The universal templates could be designed in such terminology and code that all expenses and income could be immediately understood and analyzed by the public. This could get us closer to a the democracy "of the people, by the people."


Do you think that your individual DNA footprint came into being at your conception?

fresh thought - opinions


Opinions are like our butts. We all have them and they all stink.

Decisions based on information are the tools of those who think.

road rage and moving boulders


If we could imagine that traffic is just "moving boulders," we may be able quell our road rage.

Statistically, you will, from time to time, experience erratic moving boulders while driving, that you must avoid. If those moving boulders pose a significant threat to you or someone else, call the folks you've hired with your taxes to take care of such things.



WHAT WILL HAPPEN This is what is going to happen.

1. All spiritualities will unite into one spirituality. The catalyst that will enable this is the advent of neuro-scientific findings concerning the neuro-mechanisms of all spirituality.

2. Agape love will be found to be intrinsically part of all spirituality, and the neuro-mechanisms of agape love will be understood.

3. The above 2 developments will profoundly affect all human institutions, i.e. business, government, athletics, religions - ALL HUMAN INSTITUTIONS.

4. This is what is going to happen.

fresh thought - when does life begin?


“We acknowledge the possibility that life begins at conception.

Comment: This is an amoral statement based on what, we think, is a logical progression of thought. If you are incensed, please leave this thought alone. If you would allow us to share the logic of the statement, please read on.

1. When your mother's egg joined your father's sperm, a new single cell came to be. (fact)

2. That cell was a human cell. It was not an elephant cell. It was not a salamander cell. It was not a horse cell. It was a human cell. (fact)

3. In that cell was encrypted information that was not your neighbor's information, it was not your sister or brother's information, it was not anyone else's information. This was not an elephant cell. This cell had your information encrypted in it. (fact)

4. If that cell had been eliminated, your life would have been eliminated. (fact)

5. In that cell was encrypted your eye color, your height, your skin color, your sex. There were factors that encrypted the longevity of your life, your personality traits, your health. Statisticians could probably make an argument that this was a one -time event.

“We acknowledge the possibility that life may begin at conception."

If you want to moralize the above statement, go ahead. The statement in itself is like “a rose is a rose is a rose." It just is.

If you must have a discussion about this, we suggest you take it up with Mother Theresa, Gloria Steinham, the Dalai Lama, Joe Biden , John McCain and Sean Penn. All may have an opinion on it.



A series of essays/letters about the regional environment written by Dull Music have been published by the media over the past few years.


In the near future, these articles will be available on this site, when we figure out where and how to place them. Keep posted.


Dull Music makes its home in Rutherford, NJ, a beautiful town in the middle of a heavily debated environmental area.


Blue collar and white collar folks that have lived here for years and years are faced with the problem of predatory developers fueled by corruption who would devastate the last vestige of open space that we enjoy - the north Jersey Meadowlands. They would bring us traffic, pollution, cancer, increased crime, loss of quality of life, etc.


The 2 major developments that forces are attempting to push on locals are a mega-mall called Xanadu and a lavish sub-lot of townhouses and playlands called Encap, built over now toxic dumping grounds. (since the writing of this essay, Encap has failed with documented corruption that cost tax-payers over $150,000,000.)


These Meadows promise to be an incredibly resource-full ENVIRONMENTALLY PRESERVED PARK OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC when remediated. They host bald eagles, countless species of birds, fish and wildlife.


Media documentation shows that already $128,000,000 of taxpayer money has been stolen by graft from the pockets of those without a voice strong enough to fight the corruption of developing plans.


Most public officials stand by silent - a few are brave enough to voice dissent.


Dull Music coined new names for developers' ideas: - "Xana-doo-doo" and "Encrap"



Neuropsychologists, the folks that study the structure of the brain and the parts of the brain that affect certain behaviors, are finding that there are brain mechanisms that show prominent activity during spiritual experience.


As Time Magazine and other mainstream media outlets (Nightline, major newspapers, The Discovery Channel) reported, our brains are “hardwired for spiritual experience. “ It is a part of our natural make-up.


When Neuropsychologists study the brain wave patterns of Tibetan monks and Franciscan contemplatives in prayer, they find the same neurological mechanisms at play in the deep spiritual experience.


This information, as it comes to the forefront, will totally revolutionize human understanding.


When Muslims, Jews and Christians discover that all their religions were founded in the neurological experience of Abraham, they will realize that the experience that their faith is built on, is rooted in an experience that each person can attain.


All the great faiths are rooted in that experience. All religions come from the same root. The experience of Abraham, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna and Christ was basically the same experience. Our interpretations of that experience give us the religions that we adhere to.


Departments of Neuro-Theology are now being created in universities, Columbia University being one of them.


There is only one religion, and it is rooted in an experience that is attainable.



Madoff Made off! (below the commentary is a song about the Madoff fiasco)

COMMENTARY: There have been some public statements to the effect that Bernie Madoff does not represent the Jewish race. Let's take that universal truth a step further. Albert Einstein doesn't represent us. Jesus Christ doesn't represent us. George Bush, Fidel Castro and Barak Obama don't represent us. Mother Teresa doesn't represent us. Adolf Hitler doesn't represent us. Dorothy Day and Abraham Lincoln don't represent us. Soldiers who kill innocent people don't represent us. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King don't represent us. Carol Doda and Madam Albright do not represent us. Madame Curie doesn't represent us.

As our world becomes more and more homogenous, we will realize that each of us represent the good and/or the evil that we personally create. We will become more and more free and courageous, with less need to hide behind heritage or label.


CHORUS: Madoff made off with lots of folks money.

50 billion  OH! 

Quite a hunk of honey!

In matters financial, an energizer bunny,

Madoff made off with lots of folks money.

VERSE: My value is tied up in bundles of paper

That drastically dwindled - a slanderous caper!

Swindled by Bernie, that mover and shaker!

Plundered by oh such a treacherous faker?!

(sing chorus)


Ruined, aghast, with this new situation

So swift was the shift in my status and station

Gone days of joy and financial elation

Embarrassed and scorned, oh the sheer degradation!

(sing chorus)

VERSE: Good t'would be this Bernie in all tar and feathers!

For stealing my dignity, value and treasures

To skin him, and hang him would be oh such pleasure!

Too civil would be all these dastardly measures!

(sing chorus)

©2008 John Dull




People sit around a table and go back and forth. They decide what a certain person is worth. It's a deal. They agree. They provide paper as collateral. Athletes, business people, workers - all are given monetary worth.

Here's the real deal. We are worth the entire universe and more. If we agree, it's a deal. The universe and more is our collateral. If anyone contests the deal ask “Who says?"

If you agree: Congratulations and thank you!


With happiness comes the realization that YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL of nothing.


If the universe is nothing, you are in total control.

18 hours to live


By design a person discovered that they had 18 hours to live and were unable to tell anyone about it.

Friends found it hard to understand why the person showed little interest in heated political conversations, in local gossip, or all of the very important discussions and projects that they wanted to engage their friend in. So little seemed to matter to the person.

During the course of the 18 hours, our subject came upon another individual whose life was in imminent danger. Our protagonist risked all to save the individual in danger. By design most of us have 18 more hours to live.



When logic is skewed by dogmatic belief, it creates a tension.

The mind will always seek to alleviate that tension.

The Dalai Lama had a fresh take on this dilemna: "If science found a serious error in Tibetan Buddhism, of course we would change Tibetan Buddhism."




Manipulative dictator types foam at the mouth when faced with the opportunity to rev up a bunch of non-rational folks. When you mix agenda with emotion and add a dash of ignorance, a fine-tuned “stupid-machine" starts cranking - and once energized it has devastating potential.

Such is the fate shared by creationists and intelligent designers  - folks who have manipulated logic to achieve congruency with a belief system. We all know the famous story of the pseudo-thinkers who refused to allow us to acknowledge that the earth revolves around the sun.

Along with the creationists, clump in the "DNA de-bunkers" - those who fail to acknowledge that an individual's life process begins when that individual's DNA footprint comes into being. For crap sakes, the DNA footprint is sacrosanct as an identifier of individuality. We use it as indisputable evidence in cases of execution. At least we could afford the courtesy of acknowledging that an individual's life process begins when their individual DNA footprint comes into being. There's DNA evidence for that. The next thing out of the de-bunkers' mouths will be that some mystical hokey-pokey comes out of the sky and infuses with DNA at some point in the growth process, and “poof!" that's when life begins. Get a brain, man.

The scary thing is that many creationists, intelligent designers and DNA de-bunkers have some power. Allow a society to plunge itself into the Dark Ages by manipulating logic and a rational scientific thought process and anything becomes permissible. History is full of sad stories.

It's high time that the non-rational self-adjust or remove themselves from the table. You'd figure by now they'd be embarrassed to admit their position and stay there.

A brilliant satirical comment on sad thinking methodologies came from Bobby Henderson in 2005 in protest to the Kansas State Board of Education's decision to require the teaching of intelligent design as an alternative to biological evolution in public school curriculums. We highly recommend it.





ON BOYCOTTING WAL-MART If a special interest group with a large constituency simply boycotted Wal-Mart, they would, especially in this economy, wield a great deal of influence.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said it this way: “We are poor. Never stop and forget - that collectively, that means all of us together, collectively - we are richer than all the nations in the world, with the exception of nine. Did you ever think about that? Wal-Mart is responsible for a huge percentage of the U.S. GNP.



There are underwear smellers amongst us - those folks who get off on stealing into secrecies of others' lives. They slip in and out of the crevices of our universe. They know no boundaries.

On a grand scale, there are the paparazzi; spies; religious fanatics who feel they are achieving potency by controlling any thought that threatens their little being; internet stalkers.

On little scales, we have gossips, snitches, those who sleek in dark corners waiting to pounce on the intricacies of your life - giggle, giggle.

There's something about smelling other folks underwear that gives us a feeling of power over them. If I know something about you that you would rather others didn't, I have some leverage on you in the schemes of barter that we all employ. Governments make great use of underwear smellers as does industry. If I can find an impotent who becomes my puppet by delving into others' secrecies, I have delegated my underwear smelling to those more competent in that skill and predilection.

If I can throw a magazine up at the grocery store counter that allegedly smells the underwear of the perceived great, I make money on the populaces' underwear smelling tendencies, marketing to those who crave the scoop on Brad and Angelina. What are they doing anyway? Hmmm... Salivation begins...

Underwear smellers in our midst make us feel uncomfortable if we can identify them. We shun their presence. Some are so good at what they do, they go unnoticed. We bosom up to them and share our most treasured secrets. As they cozy up, they are relentlessly probing and sniffing. Beware!

The fact is, natural selection has chosen for this trait. We all have a bit of the smeller in us. Some have developed their more intense sniffer traits to max. It is those we fear. The McCarthyites and the witch burners take the cake.

Please stay away from my underwear. You might find that I don't necessarily change it every day. I will sometimes do my own little sniff test in the morning to see if I'm acceptable to my fellows. If my nose isn't particularly working well on some fine day, please forgive me now in advance.

By the way, I have a little bit of the sniffer tendency myself. Better keep me away from your bedroom. Sniff sniff - Ah!!! Such information I have on you. Giggle, giggle - better steer clear of me.

Official Recruitment Site - Universal Non-Violent Army


This is an official recruitment site for the universal non-violent army. The universal non-violent army is free and open. There are zero restrictions on age, sex, sexual orientation, race, and nationality. It is unnecessary to register.


We appear where and when needed. We declare victory over the world and its universe.


We hold these truths to be self evident: 1. That all humans deserve life, liberty, dignity, and the right to pursue happiness.

2. That all life is worth protecting: that when a man lays down his life for his friend there is no greater love than this.

3. That non-violent principles of societal power exist in the universe.

4. That neurological scientific understanding of agape love will dramatically shift societal structure, and social definitions will be revolutionized and re-worked. This, as a function of the universe, will happen.

5. That our soldiers' individual's mortal life process begins when that soldier's DNA footprint comes into being. And that an individual's mortal life process ends with death.


We choose to protect and preserve life with the non-violent means which have been propagated and summarily defined by unique predecessors throughout the course of human history. We are prepared to die for life principles -  in this preparation, lies universal power and strength.

We know that non-violent means are the only means to universally defeat violence, injustice and suppression. We honor the ways of our non-violent predecessors. We reject violence as a means of social re-organization. The universal non-violent army, thus, declares victory over death and violence.


The universal non-violent army is structured under non-violent principles of power. We acknowledge the many that have espoused and utilized these principles and there are those who have died protecting their right to espouse and exercise them.

The universal non-violent army employs the principles they exemplified as an extension of their work. Our manifesto is universally contained and expressed in terms of Agape love, and we understand that the noticeable expression of agape love in universal terms is self sacrifice. We will conquer war. Those who fight us will find it impossible to win.

"But I have said these things to you, that when their hour comes you may remember that I told you of them."


Do you think that your individual DNA footprint came into being at your conception?

we all go to war


The human species has a history of rallying around great causes and going to war. War is an inherent part of the human condition. It is built into our genes. The causes that we fight for are far from being the reason we fight. We fight because our nature tells us that that's the way to solve the problem. War is in our genes.

There are other ways to solve problems, but we have yet to reach the consciousness that makes them implementable when we face large scale confrontation. The fact is, though, that if we fail to learn how to solve the problem of war, we will eventually blow ourselves into oblivion because we now have the power to do just that. The fact that we have that power, means that someday, somewhere, somehow we will do it.

Eternal non-implementation of atomic destruction is statistically very unlikely unless we figure ourselves out. Unless we conquer war, it's in the cards that we will eventually annhilate our children. This song was written to address this issue.



We all work and we all play

And we all pray we'll have our day

And most of us think it's o.k.

that we've been taught along the way -

We all go to war


We all spit.

We all piss and shit.

We all fart, and then we die.

We all love and we all cry,

and lots of us keep wondering why,

We all go to war.

CHORUS:  Oh, it may be for the I.R.A.,

or it may be for the Taliban.

It may be for us bloody Brits,

Kamakazee, Vietcong.

Somewhere deep inside is war,

and somewhere there we know it's wrong --

Somewhere deep inside a lonely song.


A trillion medals on girls and boys..

A trillion families lives destroyed..

The war of war will fill the void!!!

Step up proud and be deployed!!!

We all go to war.

CHORUS : Oh, it may be for the I.R.A.,

or it may be for the Taliban.

It may be for us bloody Brits,

Kamakazee, Vietcong.

Somewhere deep inside is war, and somewhere there we know it's wrong --

Somewhere deep inside a lonely song.


A simple man climbs a great big hill.

He takes a stand - they're fighting still..

War on war.. "Refuse to kill."

Step up proud. turn your cheek.

Our love's an act of will..

We all go to war.




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In a recently released written statement, a leading civil rights advocacy group accused the President of “severe civil rights infractions.

Stating that “no one is above the law," the document outlined its stance with accusations of “sympathies that allegedly enabled the office holder's political rise and stance.

Allegations in the statement were supported with noted extracts from the Nuremberg Trials, and the document went on to further comment: “Humanity has in the course of its history risen to heights of astounding effectiveness in the elimination of human life: We now have technologically effective means of mass destruction, genocide, and execution. We must be cognizant that civil rights of individuals are paramount to the health of a civilized society.

Further outlining their stance, the group referred to Germany's T4 programs of the late 30's and early 40's. (Referenced here):

The President seemingly evaded comment on the allegations, stating, “We will look into this. He seemed interested, however, that Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Ive Been to the Mountaintop" speech was quoted in the document: "We have been forced to a point where we're going to have to grapple with the problems that men have been trying to grapple with through history"...... "Survival demands that we grapple with them"..... "It is no longer a choice between violence and nonviolence in this world; it's nonviolence or nonexistence."

The Definition of "Process"


THE DEFINITION of "PROCESS" (Be patient! The punchline is coming!)

Miriam-Webster's Online Dictionary Main Entry: Function: noun Etymology: Middle English proces, from Anglo-French proces, from Latin processus, from procedere Date: 14th century 1 a: PROGRESS, ADVANCE b: something going on : PROCEEDING 2 a (1): a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result (2): a continuing natural or biological activity or function b: a series of actions or operations conducing to an end

CAMBRIDGE ADVANCED LEARNER'S DICTIONARY noun [C] 2 a series of changes that happen naturally: the digestive process the ageing process It's all part of the learning process.


Use in a sentence: An individual's life process begins when that individual's DNA footprint comes into being. dullmusic




If you have gutted it out and worked your way through “fresh thoughts", you may have realized that they were arranged and written in such a way as to screen readers. Several readers, incidentally, have requested to be removed from the mailing list.

So, smarty pants, if you think you've really gotten the take on “fresh thoughts," see if you can answer the following questions:

1. Concerning the fresh thought called “President Accused of Civil Rights Violations": Who was this fresh thought written about?

2. Concerning the “fresh thought" called “Dull Music Excommunicates Pope": Who was this “fresh thought" written about?

3. Do you think you've been able to pigeonhole the author of “fresh thoughts" as to that person's stance on issues, how that person thinks, what that person thinks, and why the person writes and thinks “fresh thoughts?"

4. Who cares? We'd really love to discuss it with you. Toodaloo.




My child, if you receive my words and treasure up my commandments with you, making your ear attentive to wisdom and inclining your heart to understanding; yes, if you cry out your voice for understanding; If you seek it like silver And search for it as for hidden treasures;

Then you will understand the fear of God And find the knowledge of God. For God gives wisdom; From God's mouth come knowledge and understanding; God stores up sound wisdom for the upright; God is a shield to those who walk in integrity, Guarding the paths of justice And preserving the way of saints.

Then you will understand righteousness and justice And equity, every good path; For wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul; Discretion will watch over you; Understanding will guard you; delivering you from the way of evil, from men of perverted speech, who forsake the paths of uprightness To walk in the ways of darkness, who rejoice in doing evil and delight in the perverseness of evil; men whose paths are crooked, and who are devious in their ways.

PROVERBS 2: 1-15

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